Przy kazdej transakcji czesc…

Przy kazdej transakcji czesc #safemoon trafia na wallet developerow, skad jest dumpowany na rynek. Taka ciekawostka 🙂

In a description of one such transaction, 6 Trillion tokens which have been diverted to non-disclosed wallets have been moved across at least 6 wallets and converted from Safemoon, to BNB, to BUSD, to ETH and then taken off exchanges.

6 Trillion tokens are sent out to one wallet, where 3 Trillion tokens are immediately sold for 7.6M BUSD. The remaining SFM is sent to another wallet, where it’s sold for BNB, then converted to ETH. [11]

That 7.6M BUSD is then sent to multiple other wallets, which is then sold for Tether across 55 separate transactions, the largest of which being a sale for $3.5M in Tether. [35]